How long will each Witcher game (and DLC) take to beat

The Witcher is one of the best-known franchises in the gaming industry and offers hundreds of hours of play to suit individual playing styles.

The witcher The video game franchise is one of the biggest successes in the industry, but completing all three games is a time consuming task. While many fans are focused on completing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the first two games pioneered the role-playing genre in different ways. Despite huge differences in gameplay and storytelling style, The witcher the franchise has many hours of gameplay in each installment, taking days to fully complete the series.

The witcher and The Witcher: Assassins of Kings do not have the massive open world of The Witcher 3. Instead, each of the first two games houses sandbox areas that avoid restricting players to linear storytelling. Although this decreases their playing time compared to the last witcher game, each has a significant number of hours in which players can invest. Different playstyles result in different completion times, with the main story, side quests, and playthroughs of each title influencing the content available.


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The witcher was released in 2007 on PC without official DLC, but the title was re-released a year later with an improved edition that fixed bugs, overhauled game systems, fixed dialogue, upgraded character models, and added two new adventures to play. The Witcher: improved edition is currently the only purchasable option on the Steam and CDPR website and is the standard for the game used to judge play time. How long to beat, The Witcher: improved edition story takes 35.5 hours to complete on average. Completing the main questline as well as the side quests increases playtime to 45 hours on average. Completion Paths describe playstyles that experience everything the game has to offer, including collectibles, main story, side quests, and collections, and take an average of 63 hours to complete.

The Witcher 2 and 3 have more content and bigger maps

Like the first witcher Game, The Witcher 2: Assassin of kings does not have an appropriate DLC. Instead, CDPR added new content with another improved edition that added four hours of gameplay, arena mode, new tutorial, and 36 minutes of cutscenes, including an intro and outro for the main story. This is currently the only purchasable version and will be used to judge playtime for each playstyle. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition offers 24 hours of play time for its main story, 34 hours for story content and side quests, and 54 hours on average for a full game. Although The Witcher 2 takes less time to complete than its predecessor, it uses newer technology and provides a more seamless experience than The Witcher 1.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is probably the best known and the most played witcher title of the series, putting the franchise in the spotlight of the gaming industry. The Witcher 3 has the most content of the trilogy and includes two major DLCs. The base game storyline averages 51 hours of content, with side quests and additional activities doubling in size to 102 hours. Finalists can experience more than the two styles of play combined, scoring an average of 174 hours. The Witcher 3 DLC are hearts of stone and Blood and wine, each adding dozens of hours of content to the base game. hearts of stone is much smaller than its companion, offering 10 hours of story content, 14 hours of extra activity, and almost 19 hours for Completionist games. Blood and wine is much larger, with 15.5 hours of main story, 28 hours of side quests and additional activities, and 40.5 hours for finalists.

CD Projekt Red has not announced witcher 4, giving fans of the franchise enough time to complete the existing trilogy. Together, players looking only to experience the main stories of the trilogy (and its DLCs) can experience 140 hours of content. Playing through the main stories, side quests, and other non-vital activities of the trilogy increases playtime to 228 hours. that of the witcher the most dedicated fans get serious, with an average playtime of 350.5 hours to complete The witcher trilogy and its DLC.

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