Hatsune Miku and Pharrell Williams team up in new remix music video

Versatile music guru Pharrell williams couldn’t be more ‘happy’ as he continues to ride the waves of last year worldwide success “Happy” in Japan. He released a special Japanese-version clip for the song on May 13, and even appeared as a special guest on the May 16 episode of the popular Japanese music variety show. Music station, where he performed in front of an ecstatic Japanese crowd. And the fun doesn’t end there, because he has yet another treat for his Japanese fans –a collaboration with everyone’s favorite Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku!

Miku, who caused a stir last month when it was announced that the Virtual Idol would perform as the opening act of part of Lady Gaga’s upcoming world tour, stars alongside Williams in the music video for a remixed version of a song from Livetune. The original song serves as the theme song for the directorial debut of prolific Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Wait until you see the adorable avatar version of Williams dancing alongside Miku in the video!

Takashi Murakami is the preeminent contemporary artist of Japan who founded the “superflat” art movement. He recently took on his first role directing a feature film titled jellyfish eyes (め め め の く ら げ), which features Livetune’s “Last Night, Good Night (Re: Dialed)” as the theme song. Livetune, now composed of the only member Kz, is one of the most famous composers of Vocaloid music in Japan.

In anticipation of the film’s US premiere, Murakami only had his friend Pharrell williams at create a remixed version of the theme song, known as “Last Night, Good Night (Re: Dialed) – Pharrell Williams Remix”. A special promotional music video was also created, featuring Miku, Williams and Kz in very bizarre pictures specific to Murakami’s style.

Williams and Murakami both used their Twitter accounts to announce the video’s release:

Tweet from Williams:


Murakami’s Twitter:


The video itself is a lot of fun to watch if you like to get away from surreal and psychedelic backgrounds. Check out the following screenshots:

▼ Looks crisp as usual, Miku!


▼ A super distorted version of Kz from Livetune, who is a pro at composing Miku songs


▼ And last but not least, Pharrell Williams, who even sports his branded fedora!


▼ An unlikely trio


Other characters from the Murakami movie join in the fun as well, like these… well, we’re not really sure what they are.


By the way, here is William’s new Japanese version music video “Happy”, which features several famous Japanese music artists to the beat of the air. See how many of them you can recognize!


Source: Computer media
Images: YouTube, Twitter 1, 2

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