Hagelin scores, the Caps beat the Ducks 4-3 in a shootout

The Washington Capitals welcomed the better-than-expected Anaheim Ducks to town on Monday night for a hell of a good hour of hockey.

The only goal of the first period was when Tom Wilson scored his 100th career goal, a successful ball shot from the bottom of the slot.

The second half got a little out of hand. The Zegras-Rakell-Milano line scored two goals, sandwiching Carl Hagelin’s lay-up. Vinni Lettieri netted a rushed goal against the Ovi line to give the Ducks the lead, but John Carlson then recovered a rebound to equalize before the third period.

Alex Ovechkin went mad in the third period but didn’t score a goal. The two teams and the two conferences obtained one point in the standings. Overtime was boring, so here are some shootout bullets.

  • Terry put the cookie in the basket
  • Oshie did NOT put the cookie in the basket
  • Zegras did NOT put the cookie in the basket
  • Kuznetsov did NOT put the cookie in the basket
  • Shattenkirk did NOT put the cookie in the basket
  • Sprong put the cookie in the basket
  • Rakell put the cookie in the basket
  • Ovechkin put the cookie in the basket
  • Milano did NOT put the cookie in the basket
  • Carlson put the cookie in the basket


  • It’s not part of our game, but I mean I’m so happy for Bruce Boudreau, who has become the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks. He’s such a great personality – and one damn good coach. Hope this club is really on the rebound now (please don’t hire Bergevin).
  • The 34th stroke Carl Hagelinthe season was his first goal. It’s a In memory to all our “Carl Hagelin will never mark” jokes. To be frank, the guy generates chances, and his normal line with his two Covidian teammates is the elite. He was unlucky for a while. We will get off his back. May be.
  • Hagelin officially comes off this list of players with a lot of shots and no goals. Sheena tells me Lindblom scored tonight as well, which means I think the updated version of this would have Dmitrij Jaskin on it.
  • Here in game 26, Tom wilson got his first fight of the season. Wilson punched Simon Benoit because Benoit had previously put a low blow on John Carlson. Wilson’s fight didn’t defeat John Carlson. Instead, it took Wilson out of the front row, so Conor Sheary was on the ice replacing Ovechkin and Kuznetsov when the Ducks took the lead. Just one of the billions of reasons why fighting in hockey is stupid. Tom has done so much to unseat himself, but it’s a reminder that there is still some way to go.
  • I wish that Hathaway Garnet were not on the COVID protocol. I would be more okay with him fighting, as he has gradually relieved Wilson in recent seasons.
  • John carlson had a tough night on defense, but he got free McNuggets for you or something and got the shootout winner. I don’t know how the nugget thing works, man.
  • The Ducks have a really good bloodline, the aforementioned Zegras-Rakell-Milano, but they’re not really deep yet. The Caps who didn’t face them much did pretty well in this one – despite Sheary’s defensive cover on Lettieri’s goal.

With Washington’s roster still struggling with gaping holes, Peter Laviolette began improvising lines at the end of it. There was an Ovi-Eller-Oshie shift for a minute. As much as Washington has accumulated points, this team is barely doing.

In addition, they are zero three against three in overtime. But it doesn’t matter.

The Caps now have four days off before welcoming the Penguins on Friday. Hopefully, maybe they will stay separated, be healthy, and not be on the COVID list. Maybe get a callback.

Title photo: Molly (Thank you!)

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