Funk Flex & King Von Feat. POLO – Song of Lurkin (Remix)

Seven months after the release of “Lurkin” with a posthumous look from the late King Von, Funk Flex is back with a remix. The famous Hip Hop DJ has regularly released new single after single as he prepares for his next album on the streaming services, and on Friday July 16, Flex officially announced the rollout season for his next project, Funk Flex presents: curation 001. It is reported that the record will arrive before the end of 2021.

On the “Lurkin” remix, Flex calls in hitmaker Polo G for additional vocals, and it’s an awesome look from the # 1 rapper on the charts. A press release said that Flex decided to go ahead with this remix because they wanted to continue to honor King Von’s legacy, and Polo G’s support was the perfect fit.

Like many other Funk Flex releases, “Lurkin (Remix)” arrives with a visual that shows him alongside Von and Polo G on the streets of New York. Stream “Lurkin (Remix)” and let us know what you think.

Words to quote

If I come to your club then I brought the Glock
The opps stop, they won’t leave the parking lot
My little nigga keep shooting ’til his target drops
Treat your head like a cigarette when you light up your top
I feel like I’m still on the ground
Blowjob squeezing while I whip the wheel

Funk flex


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