Freddie Gibbs calls out New York rappers after Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up”

It was almost inevitable that someone would take a bait in the form of Uncle Murda’s infamous “Rap Up 2021”, and it looks like the first person was Freddie Gibbs.

On Saturday afternoon (January 1), Gibbs commented on being criticized over the latest iteration of the controversial UM track. “Niggas talk shit, Happy New Year, go pay your rent, bitch,” the Gary, Indiana rapper posted on Twitter. “Can’t wait to go to New York,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Gibbs also reacted on Instagram. “NYC should be ashamed of all of you niggas that don’t rap. That’s my shit now,” he posted. “So many New York rappers on my dick right now. I can’t wait to go to your town and show you how to sell it byke byke.”

cantfuckwithlapin via Instagram
cantfuckwithlapin via Instagram

From there, things turned into a back-and-forth between Gibbs and his media nemesis DJ Akademiks, who taunted Gibbs on Twitter about the brawl that allegedly took place last month between Gibbs and Jim Jones. in front of the Prime 112 restaurant in Miami. “FEDERICK Gibbs gets beaten up by a New York rapper and denigrated by another now he calls all of New York,” Ak captioned Gibbs’ posts.

“Keep mailing me, this is some slutty promo,” Gibbs replied. “The show was sold too bitchy,” he added. Gibbs also countered that he was left untouched in the alleged brawl between his side and Capo’s crew.

Gibbs got a lot of questioning about Murda’s new song “2021 Rap Up”, which was released on Saturday morning. “Let me smoke a blunt right now and walk into my area / Akademiks said Freddie Gibbs got beaten up by Jim Jones,” Murda raps. “Not a huge fan of him, the streets don’t move with him / It’s Elliott ad B. Dot giving him all those props / So when he talks tough we don’t believe what he says / His dad a cop and his brother with the DEA / Yeah, I don’t like his reaction when Nas won the Grammy / He never lost in court because law enforcement is his family / I know I’m not not the only one who feels he hated / Freddie the album doesn’t deserve a Grammy nomination. “

Uncle Murda has yet to respond to Gibbs.

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