Feadz Reinvents Itself on ‘Metaman (Auto Remix)’ – First Song – Rolling Stone

French DJs Chop Their Own Psychedelic Track From ‘Instant Alpha’

On her new “Auto Remix” from “Metaman,” French DJ Feadz has fun with his own trippy single, fracturing it and reassembling it into a more aggressive dance cut.

Although Feadz has been producing electronic music for over 15 years, working first alongside experimental artist Mr. Oizo and also his then-girlfriend Uffie, it was only this year that he released his first LP, Instant Alpha. His version of “Metaman” was an expansive, almost sweet lead trip of a song; this remix, available as a bonus track on the LP, is meaner and more punchy.

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“This remix is ​​the club version of my first psychedelic single, Feadz (real name: Fabien Pianta) recount rolling stone. It barely resembles its source: the burst melody opens with a high-pitched digital ping before quickly transitioning into a low, rumbling trip-hop beat. From there, Feadz takes the soaring synths of the original and washes them down with reverb. As the remix progresses, jumping from one fantasy to the next, fragments of the original version momentarily appear in the foreground before quickly fading away. It is dance music that is meant to be studied.

Instant Alpha is out now.

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