Derez De’Shon: The Godfather of Pain Rap delivers a KAZI exclusive

Derez De’Shon: The Godfather of Pain Rap

Recently, the “GodFather of Pain Rap”, Derez De’Shon chopped with KAZI Magazine! Early in his career he was nicknamed GodFather Of Pain Rap due to his innovation in sound that has influenced so many people in hip-hop today. You might know him best from his 2017 hit “Hardaway“, an RIAA Gold certified single with over 200 million streams. Lately he’s been kicking off his next album that we’re all committing to! In addition to his writing credits on the recent album Summer Walker’s Delusional Always on it.

Derez De’Shon’s journey spans more than a decade. At the time, he had the stage name D-Bo and was a member of the Waka Flocka Flame association. dirty gang. Collaborations with the late Slim Dunkin have put D on the radar of many industry trendsetters. However, after Dunkin’s tragic death, he took a break from music before reappearing as Derez De’Shon in the mid-2010s. Since his return to music, he has been supported and co-signed by Birdman, Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo and Lil Durk to name a few.

The “Pain” series

On the 2018 Pain 2, which has over 150 million streams, includes YFN Lucci on “Beat The Odds” and Russ on “Fallin ‘”. Supported by The Commission Music / BMG, the series debuted the year before. 2017 Pain earned its name with heartfelt records like “Fed Up” (over 75 million streams), “Lord Forgive Me” and “PIL (Pain Is Love)”. As a result, it quickly entered the Billboard Top 200 at 186. Additionally, “Hardaway,” the RIAA-gold certified single with over 200 million streams and views, was included in this collection. For the official remix, Derez called on 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti and DJ Envy. Together, it has over 800 million streams and counts worldwide.

Derez De’Shon’s second single from 2021 is “Residue” with Money Mu. In May 2021, he appeared on Quin Nfn’s “Having My Way”, while continuing with his “In My Feelings” in August. His latest offering served up his trendy track titled “All Them Days,” which stars Morray. Which since his fall has received praise and recognition from fans and media alike.


Overall, the rapper’s powerful yet flexible melodic delivery, combined with his honesty and vulnerabilities, set him apart. Her talents allow her to connect with others who are looking to manage their pain and demonstrate their promise. Derez’s catalog features a distinct blend of trap soul. For this reason De’Shon has been dubbed the godfather of “Pain Rap” by the masses and not just within the industry. Now do yourself a favor and take a look at our interview and get the KAZI exclusivity you never thought you needed!

  • Hi Derez! Thanks so much for taking the time to cut it out with me on behalf of KAZI! Before we get started, tell the fans who Derez De’Shon is and where it all started!

Derez De’Shon! The best to do it! I’m dropping my first album… But “Hard Away” was my first single, it went crazy. Become crazier.

– Derez de’shon, Nov 2021


  • How to put a pen on paper? What is your creative process?

Oh man my creative process is just vibes. Just energy. I’ll listen to the beats or the instrumentals. That I’m in the studio with a producer and we’re making music from scratch. I just move away from the vibe, I just try to be one with the rhythm, or one with the instrument. Then I try to use my voice and my words as an instrument as well.

– derez de’shon, Nov 2021

  • At what age did you start to create and on what media?

I’ve been doing this since I was a little boy, a little boy. I have always loved music. Well, before I started making music I used to write stuff. You know, trying to be cute or whatever and make my mom feel good. Write him little poems, try to flirt with girls or whatever, then I’ll write poems. Flowing indefinitely, I put words together. I just liked playing with words. Like, even when I’m talking, I used to play freestyle with the family on my phone. Just rhyme the words.



  • Let’s go back to the beginning with the hit “Hardaway” from 2017! For the remix, you typed 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti & DJ Envy. How did this collaboration come about?

Well I did the “Hard A Way” record that we got with Mission Records and did a little partnership for a mixtape series. DJ Envy was involved, he was actually the reason we all got together. So he came to Atlanta, he heard the record in the club and saw the crowd reaction. My DJ was playing it and the whole club was on. And I don’t know how, but he got my brother’s number and called him, like he didn’t want to get involved in the record.

Long story short, we met, had a meeting. He got involved in the case. Next thing you know, Yo Gotti and 2Chainz have shown their love and support. They really started fucking with it. So for me to be able to work with them. It was unbelievable. It was like oh I can’t believe I’m doing this. Like wow, how amazing.


  • Being in the game for at least a decade, over time you have gained the recognition of the masses. Including being nicknamed “Godfather of Pain Rap”. What was that experience like?

It’s not even what I expected or what I did it for but it’s something that I really appreciate. It’s also something that I take great responsibility for and take on my own responsibility to make sure I’m going to be exactly that. I’m not going to let my people down, you know I influence… I’m not going to let people down who look up to me. or those who use my music as a getaway and to help their mental state. So when they put this on me it’s like you put on me a responsibility jacket



  • As you prepare for the release of your next album, what is the inspiration behind it and what can we expect on the new project?

Yes. I can just say it in one sentence. “Bigger than me”. This is the name of the album. My reasons, my goal, my goal, my everything is bigger than me and why I am doing this. Bigger than me. Just to let you know that you are the first outlet to get the name of the disc! I rock with you.


  • Yeah ! Exclusive to KAZI! It’s so crazy. Now I’m even more excited!

I can not wait. Because what people don’t know is, of course, all the music you’ve heard from me in the past? It’s me. It’s a part of me as part of my different characters that live in life. Regarding a Father, a Son. You know, street nigga, does an artist smell me? But this time. it’s me, me. Like it’s not handpicked by someone else who thinks that’s what the world needs to hear from me. So you know, it’s gonna be bigger than what you’re all used to hearing from me. Although I will definitely go back to my home base. I’ll just get to the next level too.



  • Then, in 2021 alone, you’ve dropped a number of hits, with your most recent being “All Them Days”, “Residue” and “Eviction Notice” to name a few. With a stacked catalog paired with star collaborations, what do you think is the best record you’ve written to date and why?

Oh no, it’s not complicated! I can tell you that. I never wrote a record, never. So when I make a record, I have a blast. Speak directly from my heart directly from my soul. Directly into the microphone.


  • Also, many might not know it, but you have writing credits on Summer Walkers latest EP, Always on it. Would you mind developing this experience?

Shout Summer Walker, shout London On Da Track. It was in itself an amazing experience. I thank them both for allowing me to paint my picture on this beautiful album. But it happened when London contacted me and they were working on Summer’s album and told me to focus on them. He was like, “Fro, shoot I want you on Summer’s album. I want you to get involved. I want you to do it here and I knew you were the only person I could call to do it. So I say to myself, I bet and I stop. It was me and London. Also in the studio there were a few people like my manager yelling at him and a few of my buddies.

London played the beat and let me know the vibes. He let me know what they were trying to do. He let me know the different things that were going on like in The Shade Room, on Instagram, all the important things that they were going through. I just manipulated what he gave me as an idea and referred to it in my real life. So I just put it in a woman’s point of view.



  • Also, excited for more music, as we wrap up, what’s next for Derez De’Shon?

We are definitely reaching the stadiums. We just did Rolling Loud at the same time as Revolt TV is playing. There are a lot of them, it’s on. You know, it’s curled up. Situations that become crazy again. So I am more involved in making my events live in my real life. You know, I’m just saying shop around. I want to be more visible than I have ever been. They knew the music, but they didn’t know the face, the person, the man, the father, the brother, the artist, you see what I’m saying so let’s go!


  • I can’t wait to see you live the New Year! I’m looking forward to the new album! Thanks again for sharing this with myself for KAZI magazine today! Finally, before concluding, is there a message that you would like to leave the fans?

I want to go with my fans. Life is life, man. Nothing is perfect. We all go through things but you have to be strong. Strong mentally. And you know, for my people who face mental health issues or situations that keep them from being mentally strong. I just want them to take the appropriate steps to become mentally strong and be who you are.

Step into your light, enter your kingdom, enter your kingdom. Be tall. Don’t let anything get you down. Also, don’t let anyone fool you into believing that you are not like you know exactly who you are on the inside. Be yourself no matter what, don’t try for anyone. Anyone who’s not on the same page doesn’t need to be in your book. Simple.



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