Cool and calm, Cohlman’s pop rap is inspired by techno with an understated charm


Published on July 22, 2022 |
by Jerry Doby

Many alternative hip-hop artists have tested the limits of rap with their complex wordplay and inclusion of musical elements from genres not usually associated with hip-hop. While early alt-hip hop lyrics were often about serious issues like poverty and grief, there was also often an element of humor, irony, and idiosyncrasy to these tracks.

Alternative hip hop places a heavy emphasis on the musical elements of a song. It was different from gangsta rap, which often featured a funky sample over an explosive beat and nothing else. Alternative hip hop tended to be more expressive, with several short snippets in each song that were often used as punchlines for lyrics.

We present to you Cohlman, a chill pop rap artist who enjoys making chill hip hop influenced by slap house and techno-pop music. He is also driven by slap house and the catchy melodies of contemporary tunes.

in his own style, he fuses elements of House with other genres such as sound design or drum programming, creating smooth yet powerful beats that are perfect for dancing in a club or concert and relaxing at home on your couch while watching Netflix! There is no end in sight to the versatility and creativity of this peerless artist, he is original and not derivative.

“The proudest moment of my career so far was seeing a song I wrote and recorded go viral on Spotify without any advertising or promotion spend. My most exciting experience, however, came when big brands like Forever 21 have used it in their advertisements alongside YouTubers like SypherPK and George Janko who upload fashion trending videos to YouTube!

Currently signed to Mars Records, this artist is destined to skyrocket! Check out Cohlman’s explosive single that took him out of his comfort zone and into the next level of creativity for this young artist. A remix package was released to follow the single in early June 2022 featuring remixes by Miscris, Elemer, Ricii Lompeurs and Toby Williams. Don’t be a fan of the train!

Stream the latest from Cohlman on the official music platforms of the artist and follow him on his official social networks. Contact via email for interviews, reviews and/or collaborations.


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