Just when we started seeing a wave of women in rap a few years ago, the City Girls were at the forefront, becoming one of the most coveted rap groups in the game.

Over the years they have encountered a number of setbacks, including JT’s prison sentence and Yung Miami’s pregnancy, but they managed to establish themselves and maintain their status as a major player in modern hip-hop. People are excited about their every move and after the success of their new album Locked city, and especially the singles “Jobs”, “Stole out“, and” Pussy Talk “, they are ready to come back with a little more heat.

For the ladies, City Girls and Quality Control have officially announced the star-studded remix of “Pussy Talk,” which arrives tonight.

Sharing the remix’s cover art, which shows a gold outline of a cat with dollar signs for its eyes, the City Girls unveiled the astonishing roster of rappers joining them tonight: Quavo of Migos, Jack Harlow and the legendary Lil wayne.

As with the rest of tonight’s releases, this one will go live at midnight.