Cardi B plans to ‘trample’ the rap game with a new album

Cardi B continues to rack up the praise despite backlash and naysayers. Not only Cardi’s debut album Privacy breach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, it was also No. 16 on rolling stones List of “greatest hip-hop albums of all time” earlier this month. The decision was met with polarizing opinions, with the rapper’s first and only album ranked above hip hop classics such as Nas’ IllmaticOutkast’s Aquemini and Dr. Dr. The Chronicle.

It’s been four years since Privacy breach has been released and the Bardi Gang are awaiting a second album. As a “reminder,” Cardi B took to her Twitter account yesterday and posted a snippet of her rap resume so far.

The video opens on Invasion of privacy hardcore intro “Get Up 10” and morphs into tracks like “Drip”, “Bodak Yellow”, “I Like It” and “Be Careful”, among others. The visuals, a mashup of various music videos, end with music videos for “Ring” which features vocalist Kehlani.

“Just a little 2020-like reminder when I had to get out and STEP to remind them…..PS-IM GONNA STOMP THIS TIME AROUND,” Cardi tweeted.

This year, Cardi has only appeared on two songs, Summer Walker and SZA’s “No Love” and Kay Flock’s Bronx Drill anthem remix, “Shake It.” Just 24 hours after blessing fans with a recap of her work, Cardi has tweeted out four emojis that leave a lot of room for interpretation. Fans aren’t sure what to make of the tweet as the likes continue to climb. Maybe she’ll stomp rap in heels. Check out the tweet that leaves plenty of room for speculation below.

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