Caps beat Avs 3-2 in a really good game, no caps, that was awesome

If you stayed up late Monday night, you were rewarded with one of the Washington Capitals best efforts of the season. The Caps dueled with the Colorado Avalanche in a close, physical and downright fun hockey game.

Garnet Hathaway started scoring with a solo effort. Valeri Nichuskin tied it after a wild and heavy game. In the second period, Alex Ovechkin nonchalantly scored his 48th goal of the season from the doorstep. Halfway through the third, Artturi Lehkonen got a controversial goal to equalise. Conor Sheary stole a puck and fed Marcus Johansson to restore Washington’s lead.

Caps win!

  • Man, what a great game. Not just a great DC road effort, but just a quality entertainment product all around.
  • Garnet HathawayThe goal of was imbued with Rambo energy. Single-handedly, Hathaway stabbed the puck, chased it, then propelled it into the crossbar and across the goal line. It’s just putting the icing on a career-best season at this point.
  • Here’s a technique from Ilya Samsonov that I wouldn’t recommend young goalkeepers copy.
  • Marcus Johansson collided with Josh Manson in the first period. Manson came back, so I’m only mentioning that to point out that Johansson hit someone and wasn’t hurt. We don’t need to be forever chained to familiar patterns.
  • Speaking of Marcus, he got such a great pass from Conor Sheary for the purpose of the green light. Sheary’s play and readings seem to be locked as we progress through the season.
  • Alex Ovechkin, aged, scored his 48th goal, which comfortably ties Teemu Selanne by an elderly person. Ovi’s goal was uncharacteristic — a Colorado defenseman somehow clipped the puck through the crease and straight at Ovi’s bat.
  • The puck wasn’t really on or under Samsonov’s pads when Arturi Lehkonen I returned it. This goal stings, but it seemed fair to me.

Good game. I’m not even mad that staying up late is ruining my productivity for the week. I won’t even let my unhealthy Puritan work ethic ruin this fun night for me. I don’t even stress about my hampered productivity because I got to watch this good game. I won’t be grumpy or need a nap tomorrow or anything like that. I am an adult. Who watched a good hockey game.

A late night in Las Vegas awaits us on Wednesday. It would be satisfying to see the Caps push the Knights closer to a playoff loss.

Title photo of our Reschly bud

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