Camila Cabello Is Elusive Singer in Bazzi’s “Beautiful” Remix Music Video: Watch Here!

Camila Cabello Is Elusive Singer in Bazzi’s “Beautiful” Remix Music Video: Watch Here!

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Mariah Carey who? Camila Cabello is the real elusive singer, at least she is the elusive singer in BazziThe “Beautiful” remix clip from. The American singer-songwriter who shot to fame last year with the hit ‘Mine’ and released his debut album ‘Cosmic’ this year, recently decided to record a new version of his ‘Beautiful’ album. with new vocals from Camila Cabello and him released this remix a few weeks ago. Now it’s time for the new music video. FYI: “Beautiful,” in its original solo edit, was already released as a single earlier this year, and in May, a supporting music video premiered. The song did not reach such a high level and the clip has been viewed 16 million times. Rumor has it that Bazzi’s label still saw huge potential in “Beautiful” if it were to be re-recorded with a popular pop singer. Lo and behold, Camila Cabello’s remix was born, and in my humble opinion, this new version is worthy of having great popularity in the United States and elsewhere. Camila sounds so beautiful in it, she adds new magic to the song, and it really sounds like she was born to sing “Beautiful.”

Back to the new clip, it’s amazing, and I like it more than the original. It opens with Camila arriving at a fancy party in her car, Bazzi falling in love with Miss Cabello the second she sees hers, Bazzi relentlessly chasing her but failing to reach her due to her elusiveness, Camila singing from a balcony and serving up Juliet’s vibes as she wears her beautiful festival mask to dress up, Bazzi and Camila finally meet and teleport to a magical forest while touching hands, and finally Bazzi attempts to make a move Camila but as midnight strikes she will suddenly disappear and leave Bazzi and all of us viewers heartbroken. We wanted our kiss!


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