BTS ” Butter ‘Wasn’t Just The Best Selling Song Of 2021, It To Beat The Next Four Best Sellers Combined

BTS reigned supreme in 2021 when it came to selling songs to American fans. The South Korean septet took home the best-selling single of the year with his smash “Butter”, which topped all other titles by a huge margin. Newly released numbers show just how impressive the septet’s dominance was.

Throughout 2021, “Butter” sold 1.889 million copies in the United States alone, according to the MRC Data annual report. year-end report. “Butter” stands out as the only track to have sold a million copies last year. Many others have moved at least a million equivalent units when streams and video plays are factored in, but no one could match BTS’s display when looking at pure purchases.

“Butter” was so popular in 2021 that it beat the # 2 best-selling song over and over again. Country newcomer Walker Hayes ‘Fancy Like’ landed second on the year-end list with just under 500,000 copies sold, missing out on the frustrating half-million of 1,000 copies. “Butter” topped “Fancy Like” sales over three and a half times in just a few months.

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As if that wasn’t enough to show their dominance, BTS also beat the upcoming titles when their totals are all mixed up. “Butter” actually topped the rest of America’s top five best-selling songs in 2021 combined. This list includes the aforementioned “Fancy Like” as well as another BTS smash, “Permission To Dance” (# 3, 404,000 copies sold), “Levitating” by Dua Lipa (# 4, 375,000) and “Astronaut In The “by Masked Wolf. Ocean ”(No. 5, 325,000).

Looking down the 10-place list, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande’s “Save Your Tears” remix comes in last place with just 251,000 copies sold. “Butter” has surpassed this record over seven and a half times. For perspective, “Butter” sold 242,800 copies in its first week alone, nearly matching that song’s total.

“Butter” debuted at # 1 on the Hot 100 just a week after its release, and it started at # 1 thanks in large part to its stunning sales frame. The track continued to rack up the most weeks at the top of the digital song sales chart of all time, knotting another BTS track (“Dynamite”) for the most laps at the top of the tally, with 18 each. All of these purchases over a multi-month period helped the Cup stay in the Hot 100 penthouse for 10 non-consecutive weeks, making it the longest-serving leader of 2021.

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