Big Sean Talks Good ‘Brotherhood’ Music, Says He Can Rap Anyone

Earlier this week, Big Sean stopped by Power 106’s LA Leakers show to pull off a blistering freestyle. The Detroit native rapped on Kanye West’s “Hurricane,” which he originally had a verse to, Drake and Jay-Z’s “Love All,” Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek’s “Dear Summer,” and “Who Want Smoke?” ? by Nardo Wick. for nearly nine minutes. He touched on a number of topics throughout the freestyle of NBA players sliding into his girlfriend’s DMs and hanging out with Kobe Bryant on New Years Day in 2020 to his days before he signed to GOOD. Music.

Just a day after this freestyle was released, Sean took to Twitter again to share more thoughts and get a few more things off his chest with fans.

“I pride myself on being versatile, but I can also see how it has helped and hurt me in my career,” he wrote. “Because some people hear a song and think I’m just that, or a certain type of artist when I’m multi-faceted. I can rap anyone, but sometimes I just want to vibe or have fun .

He added in another tweet: “So I’m just starting to have fun again, because trying to please everyone, right!” If you rock with me, you rock with me and if you don’t then… you just don’t have good taste.

He also revealed the comments Nas shared with him after hearing the freestyle. “Nas just said to me ‘you killed these freestyles thanks for pushing us all’,” he tweeted. “It’s crazy AF for me when I really thought about Nas txt’n me that I’m in the crib right now in Detroit n I just feel grateful to do what I said I would do. That looks like a dream.

The rapper also admitted to being offended by some fan comments claiming he “can’t rap”.

“I’m tired of being judged and personally offended when someone thinks I can’t rap,” he wrote. “I’ve literally proven myself over and over and over again, but maybe I should stop caring so much about what people think and stop taking things personal and start having fun again…” Sean also said reflected on his “brotherhood” with his GOOD music team. “I miss the fellowship I used to have with GOOD music too, I don’t know what happened,” he tweeted. “I guess those were the good old days. It’s all about love, but we used to really bond.

You can see more tweets from Big Sean below, including one that teased an upcoming single with an SWV sample.

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