Big Bang Music Releases Remix Music Video For Sensational Hit ‘Lara Sohneya’ With Six Moj Creators

” class=”lazy img-responsive” data-src=” of-sensational-hit-lara-sohneya-with-six-moj-creators-920×518.jpg” width=”920″ height=”518″ alt=”Big Bang Music releases remix music video for sensational hit ‘Lara Sohneya’ with six creators of Moj” />

The illusory lyrics, soothing beats and energetic vibe of the indie-pop number – Lara Sohneya has been flowing through our musical veins since 2021. Riding the trends of remixes and remakes, the record label Big Bang Music is ready to release the remix of his popular track Lara Sohneya sung by Roop Ghuman and Vibhuti Joshi and produced by ICONYK with six popular Moj creators featured in the music video – Himanshu, Vishal, Swag, Vaishali, Bavi, and sudeepa. The talented creators are seen rocking to the catchy beats of the remix in the music video. The scintillating choreography and glam quotient surely add to the vibe.

The remix audio was released exclusively on MojIndia’s leading short video platform, 4and March, a week before the official music video release, giving Moj users a glimpse of the upbeat track. Along with the music video, Moj also issued a hashtag challenge #DanceSohneya and his fever began to catch up with the creators. The long-awaited clip is online on Big Bang Music’s YouTube channel.

Speaking of initiative, Shashank Shekhar, Senior Director – Content Strategy and Operations – Moj noted, “We are constantly striving to provide our community of creators with opportunities to showcase their talent to the world. Our collaborations with Big Bang Music for exclusive song launches have been quite successful and we’ve seen strong participation from our community in music-led hashtag challenges. We’re thrilled to see six Moj creators sharing the screen with talented artists Roop and Vibhuti. We are proud to connect music labels with our extremely talented group of creators and are confident that Lara Sohneya’s remix music video will receive a wonderful response from the audience.

Singer Roop Ghuman and Vibhuti Joshi added, “This song is really close to our hearts and we’re grateful for the love we’ve received so far. The way ‘Lara Sohenya’ original started trending and became an instant favorite, made us inspired to create this remixed version. We hope our audience will show their love for this version as they showed on the original track. Working with talented artists like Himanshu, Vishal, Swaggy, Vaishali, Bhavi and Sudeepa has been an experience amazing and we can’t contain our excitement for the remix launch.

Talented creators have excelled in their genres of content and have taken the world of short video platforms by storm. Bhavi’s music video was recently released’Khwaab‘ made the rounds on social media and Himanshu’s triumphant victory in Moj Super Star Hunt is still remembered. Vishal and Swaggy raise the social temperature with their energetic Bhangra and Vaishali and Sudeepa spread happiness through their graceful dance forms.

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