Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion ‘Savage’ Remix: Song Review

Each verse of their “Savage” remix is ​​a litter harder than the last.
Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

what is beyonce Finsta? She was too quiet on Main. She’s only appeared on Instagram a few times this year, to show off her New Year’s Eve outfits, to honor Kobe and Gianna Bryant, to announce her Ivy Park line, to plug Kelly Rowland’s latest single, to catch fans up on her Disney Family Singing spot, and to introduce a new COVID-19 relief fund. But a week ago her mother, Ms Tina Lawson, went live and said her daughter was cooking so much on Instagram that she deserved her own show. Today Bey appears on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” rap remix on Onlyfans and Instagram “Time of the Demons” top talking points over the past two months of online and perpetually exciting social media discourse. She looks at us. Come on, queen!

“Savage” is a spring banger in the curious absence of a working spring, Stallion’s obvious gem Suga, an EP that almost didn’t happen. With no nightlife to boost play counts, “Savage” held firm, slipping to the top of the Hot 100 solely on the strength of Meg’s charisma, cocky verses, killer chorus and excited choreography from TikTok users. . Beyoncé ups the ante on the ‘classic, candle, ratchet’ vibe of the original, returning to the rap swag and mogul talk she used to keep Jay-Z on her toes on the pair all is love album. “Savage” is a treat for fans who listen to songs like “Nice,” “Upgrade U” and “I Been On,” periodic reminders that the Destiny’s Child frontman has been banned ever since. The writing is on the wall at least. (Seriously, come back running”So good“really fast. BARS.)

The remix sneaks up on you. Each verse is a little harder than the last. You think the piece “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” at first is entertaining, but the second verse embodies the spirit of the hook as Bey goes from a Texas drawl to a rich, conceited growl to say “I don’t. Can’t argue with these lazy bitches, I just raised my price On the third she sprinkles some Atlanta hit”some cutwhile Meg salutes snap kings D4L, the Houston duo trade killer bars like a follow-up to “Feeling Myself.” Verse four goes crazy in overtime as Bey unleashes a flood of clever puns and double meanings sly: “Woodgrain we swervin’, keepin’ his mind on all of these curves / Coupe fly like a bird, cold on them like brrr.”

It’s so rare these days for a remix to sound like an event and not just a few new words to an existing song. “Savage” takes what made the Suga cuts well in the first place and strengthens it. Pray they found the time to make a video.

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