Avenue Beat shares new “farewell debut album”

Pop revolutionaries Avenue Beat have released “the first farewell album” that fits the mold they’ve built since their debut. Taking inspiration from Banksy – Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff shredded their collaboration on the verge of releasing their debut album.

Rather than putting aside the dozen tracks that measure life during the pandemic and the shutdown, they highlighted their signature spirit and chose to make it both a much anticipated start and a final note in a career that defied convention.

After establishing themselves as DIY girls creating low impact songs about cultural malaise, social injustice, everyday couples, and the ironic role of pop music in cleaning up things that Adderal, Ritalin, and Xanax don’t. can’t touch, Avenue Beat collects “F2020”, “WOMAN”, “I don’t really like your boyfriend” and flesh out those songs with a series of songs that culminate in the bittersweet harmony of the end of the trip ” it’s goodbye “.

With additional production by Julian Bunetta, known for his work with One Direction, Rita Ora and Fifth Harmony, Avenue Beat delivers a pop gem as the first and final chapter. For anyone who goes through breakups, breakups, or just breakups who seek higher ground knows, finding grace in conflicting emotions isn’t easy. But now there is “the first farewell album”. All you have to do is listen.

Listen to the new album here:

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