Alyssa & Gia – “Not For Me” (The Magician remix) [Song Review]

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Berlin-based indie dance duo Alyssa & Gia recently released their new single/music video, “Not For Me (The Magician Remix)“, a song about being carefree about an old love because you are now sure of yourself and happy with yourself. When you see him/her again, you smile with no hard feelings.

Best friends since they were kids, in 2016 the couple started their careers as DJs, churning out rewarding music and happy vibes. Now they release their own music with a mission to inspire people and empower women.

Their sound fuses elements of disco, indie dance, house music and alt-pop into delicious sonic concoctions brimming with raw emotion and sizzling energy.

“Not For Me” opens with oscillating synths riding a pulsating rhythm full of pushed dynamics. A shimmering, understated breakdown shifts the harmonics, giving the melody a savory and indulgent interlude, followed by a build-up to sparkling layers of synth-pop. Crystalline vocals imbue the lyrics with sunny flavors.

“It’s not for me it’s not for me / Now I know you’re not for me / It’s not for me, for me / Now I know you’re not for me .”

About the video, directed by Stephan Muhlau, Alyssa and Gia share, “Working with Stephan was a real dream come true as we are both huge fans of his work. That moment when he played the remix at Tomorrowland for the first time, it was pure magic!

Alyssa and Gia, photo by Isabel Hayn

On “Not For Me”, Alyssa & Gia deliver effervescent synth-pop, seductive rhythm and vibrant vocals.

Duration: 2:41
Release date: September 2, 2022
Record company: forever saves us

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