Aaron Carter is looking for a star artist for his new rap song

Aaron Carter fans are thrilled with his new track!

The former teenage pop sensation, 34, teased her new rap song on her Instagram account, and she received a lot of attention from her followers.

Show new music


Carter has already shared part of the single in another Publish he shared the day before, but when he saw that it had elicited positive reactions from fans and even made the headlines, the singer made sure to hit while the iron was hot. He uploaded another video to his account where he showed more of the song.

The “I Want Candy” hitmaker was shirtless but added some coverage by sporting a winter jacket without a zipper. He also rocked his favorite white beanie from his clothing line. Carter sat in a chair in his studio as he lip-synced to his own single.

Feel proud

Aaron Carter on stage.

“Reload the Wesson (REMIX) Who will be on it with me?” 😈 “, he wrote in the caption and tagged his” dream team “- Winter Havens, TheBeatSlinger and Morgan Matthews.

He added, “TOP UP THE WESSON MADE @billboard titles and we’ve barely started thanks everyone! I’m getting back to it… I was hiding to perfect my art! I’ve been rapping for 19 years !! “

Nearly 10,000 views

The new addition to her feed turned out to be popular. The video received over 9,200 views, in addition to nearly 500 likes and dozens of comments. Hundreds of fans showed their support for Carter by commenting under the post.

“I love this song Aaron it’s so sry I haven’t been on your life in a while I’ve been very busy 😥 can’t wait to get the identity I’m so excited keep up your hard work Aaron ❤️❤️ “wrote one of them.

“So happy to see you @aaroncarter again making some awesome music for your album, can’t wait to hear it, it will be my favorite to listen to on repeat,” added another subscriber.

“👏👏👏🔥 you never left, you just doubted. Shame on them 🦁 congratulations Aaron that’s a jam there 👊🏼” remarked a third commentator, while a fourth noted: “let’s face it. 100% true, killer words killer beats! Handsome man! “

Releasing his sixth album soon?

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In another share, Carter shared another preview of “Reload the Wesson,” where his fiancee Melanie Martin joined him in the video. However, she ate and took care of her own business in the background.

In the footage, the singer was enjoying what appeared to be a syringe filled with chocolate while showing off his song. He captioned the post with “LP Coming”.

While in another update, Carter claimed he was “recording my new album at home.”

His last studio album, Love, was released in 2018, and it was released 16 years after Another Earthquake! in 2002.

Be upfront about your EP

Aaron Carter posing for the camera.

In a previous interview, Carter explained how he came up with the name of his fifth studio album.

“For a while I thought about what I was going to call my EP. Back when we were recording, a lot of things happened in my life that brought me back to the idea of ​​love, ”he said. Your GED. “It hit me all of a sudden – that naming the EP ‘LØVË’ would be a powerful and universal title that anyone could relate to. It explained a lot of what I was going through in my personal life and also about the creative side, I felt it was the best way to convey what I was going through and translate it into the music I was making.

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