10 Strongest Game Of Thrones Characters Who Can’t Beat The Mountain, Ranked

Ser Gregor Clegane, often referred to as “The Mountain That Rides”, is one of the most feared warriors in game of thrones. A giant of a man, he wields a large sword in one hand and seems immune to pain. When told to go to war, he slaughters everything in his path.

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He is known as one of the most fearsome fighters on the entire continent of Westeros, and several characters express their horror at the thought of fighting him. Thus, there are in game of thrones who, despite being mortal warriors themselves, would find it difficult to kill Ser Gregor, either before or after he became undead.

ten Jorah Mormont is a good knight, but no match for the mountain

Although he is never touted as one of the best warriors in the world game of thrones, Ser Jorah Mormont acquits himself well in his fights in the service of Daenerys Targaryen. He fought Dothraki, Sellswords, and Undead, and has some fame in history for slaying a Dothraki Blood Rider and for being mate through the breach in Pyke’s walls.

A patient and resourceful soldier who can hold his own, Jorah would still stand no chance against Ser Gregor. He’s capable, and certainly on par with others in the series, but his strengths pale in comparison to The Mountain’s enormous bulk.

9 Ramsay Bolton is a butcher but lacks skill

Befitting its status as one of game of thrones’ most notorious villains, Ramsay Bolton has clear fighting skills. Although he ultimately loses to Jon Snow in their war, he proves his mettle when he somehow survives a skirmish with trained Ironborn Reavers without any armor or even clothing.

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However, what Ramsay lacks is skill. He fights more like a butcher and focuses on intimidation and savagery. The Mountain lacks the rational thinking to be intimidated and is fueled by anger. He can more than rival the savagery of Ramsay.

8 Jaime Lannister is too defensive after losing his hand

Prior to his maiming, Jaime Lannister was known as one of Westeros’ finest swordsmen. Even his enemies and those who despise him cannot doubt his skill, and he devotes his life to the art of the sword. However, Jaime loses his sword hand in Season 3 and everything changes from there.

With careful guardianship and a prosthesis, Jaime regains some of his old skills. However, he must become a more defensive fighter to compensate and lose the dangerous aggression he once had. Gregor can destroy almost any guard, and Jaime just lost the easy skill he once had that could have knocked The Mountain down.

seven Bronn explicitly refuses to fight the mountain

Bronn proves his lethality early in the series by defeating the taller and more heavily armored Ser Vardis in a one-on-one duel. Pragmatic through and through, he isn’t afraid to use low blows to even the odds and knows how to exploit opponents who seem to have an advantage against him.

When Tyrion faces a second ordeal in battle, Bronn explicitly refuses to fight The Mountain for him. While he acknowledges that it could tire Gregor or trip him, he also states that it’s far too risky. As deadly as a swordsman, Bronn knows his limits.

6 The gray worm fights best in a line of battle

In terms of pure soldier ability, Gray Worm is undeniably one of the best in the series. He feels little pain, has impeccable discipline, and has trained with his sword, shield, and spear from an early age. Deployed en masseGray Worm and the other Unsullied are an unstoppable force.

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Gray Worm can hold his own in other circumstances, as he demonstrates a few times, but he’s out of his element in dueling. He doesn’t have the mobility that the others who took on The Mountain have. Although he wouldn’t run away from the battle, he would be on his feet and wouldn’t have a good chance of winning this battle.

5 Beric Dondarrion’s supernatural powers wouldn’t save him

Beric Dondarrion is a formidable foe, especially the villains that plague the Riverlands. He fights with a flaming sword and refuses to stay dead even when killed. These powers give him a great advantage against most people, especially Ser Gregor’s brother, who is terrified of fire.

However, against The Mountain itself, they are less likely to be useful. His flaming sword wouldn’t intimidate the knight, and the flames wouldn’t cause enough pain to drive the Mountain back. Additionally, after Qyburn’s labor, Gregor can also survive seemingly fatal injuries, without needing a priest of the Lord of Light to revive him.

4 Khal Drogo lacks the weapons and armor

The Dothraki are one of the most feared fighting forces in the world, known for their ruthless cavalry tactics and almost reckless bravery in battle. The prospect of a Dothraki invasion of Westeros terrifies many, and Khal Drogo is known as the world’s most dangerous Dothraki man.

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There’s no denying Drogo’s skill in combat, and in terms of sheer ability, he clearly outclasses The Mountain. However, Drogo fights like most Dothraki, without armor and with a arrack sword, designed to cut down lightly armored infantry. Against The Mountain’s thick plate mesh, he would have a hard time hurting the knight, and The Mountain could kill him with a single blow, if he connected.

3 Tormund Giantsbane can’t match the strength of the mountain

Every warrior in Beyond the Wall is strong, quick and cunning, able to survive the harsh environments of Wildling territory. Tormund is one of the Free People’s finest warriors and he proved to be one of the deadliest fighters during the attack on Castle Black.

However, Tormund is one of many warriors who rely primarily on strength and aggression to prevail for him. Despite his skill, he just isn’t as strong as the gigantic Ser Gregor and won’t be able to overwhelm him like he does with his other enemies.

2 Jon Snow’s skill can’t close the gap

Ramsay Bolton himself admits that Jon Snow is considered the finest swordsman in the North, having been trained first at Winterfell and then at Castle Black. Jon proves his worth in a sword fight on several occasions, including defeating Thenn’s Magnar in a one-on-one duel and slaughtering Bolton’s soldiers in the Battle of the Bastards.

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Of all the warriors in Westeros, Jon might have one of the best odds of beating The Mountain, especially with his Valyrian steel sword in hand, but the odds are still stacked against him. He lacks the mobility of warriors like Oberyn Martell and the sheer strength of The Mountain. Well balanced against other foes, Jon doesn’t excel enough in one area to beat Ser Gregor.

1 Brienne Of Tarth is fierce, but not strong enough

By the end of the series, Brienne of Tarth might be the finest warrior in Westeros, as indicated by her position as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. She shows her worth against many foes, usually winning through a combination of great strength and superior skill.

There is no doubt that she has surpassed Gregor in the latter category, but in the former she falls short. She proves herself to be on par with The Hound, who only defeats The Mountain by sacrificing herself. Despite being one of the strongest warriors in Westeros, Brienne doesn’t meet the supernatural bar set by The Mountain, and her skills aren’t enough to compensate for her savagery.

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